Our Services


Valid for one month

  • Perfect for Beginners
  • One time Diet Plan with 2 times Follow up with our dietitian


Valid for 3 months

  • To begin a healthy life style with healthy food
  • Diet Plan with weekly Follow up with our dietitian


Valid for 6 months

  • Makes healthy food as a habit to lead healthy life
  • Diet plan with weekly follow up with our dietitian

Therapeutic Diet

Valid for one month

  • Perfect for patients with medical complications
  • Diet plans for Heart, Kidney issues, Gastro, Allergies, ...

1. Weight loss/ Gain​

2. Diabetes Care

3. Nutrition for Kids

4. Diet during Pre & Post Menopause

5. Lifestyle Modification (LSM)

6. Pre/Post Pregnancy Dietary Care

7. Therapeutic Diets

8. Diet for PCOS / PCOD

9. Sports Nutrition

10. Diet for kidney disease and for dialysis patients

11. Diet for alcoholic Liver disease and Fatty Liver

12. Diet for Cholesterol and heart diseases

13. Fitness for Men & Women

14. Diets for Food Intolerance